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Deep Space Nine 720p Video
Deep Space Nine 720p Video

deep space nine 720p video


Deep Space Nine 720p Video ->





















































Deep Space Nine 720p Video



kadajawi While Id prefer them to keep the original AR, it might limit the show to existing fans of it. colbster They only post produced it in 4:3 like old Standard Def TVs. So I fear theres still a chance those files could have been accidentally lost or overwritten at some point&. Chris915 Yea, many of the ships used in DS9 have been modeled by someone& I have a Vorcha, Bird of Prey, Defiant Class, Galaxy Class, etc. Mario Rodriguez And with a little film grain and blur, thank you photoshop! It looks just like the show but in higher definition& Mario Rodriguez And with a little film grain and blur, thank you photoshop! It looks just like the show but in higher definition& Dave 01 I suppose one option would be to up convert the big CGI scenes from standard def. Its really grown in popularity over the years. Comprehension is Essential You need glasses. colbster They have replicators to replace parts! No worry about matching paint. Voyager was the first Star Trek series i watched, so i have a soft spot for that show. no microphones or light stands visible) then they can really make a proper HD conversion.


DS9 is not my favorite Trek spinoff, but a lot of it I liked. RobTrek Me to considering what we did we did in to weeks and for far cheaper. Its good news! David James The only thing that has me concerned, is that this guy only has the files for Foundation Imaging, and they werent even the ones who did most of the effects work. That Defiant model posted here though, that looks even better than his Galaxy model. All I can say is that CBS are continuing to look closely at DS9 Gene As long as they are interested and are looking, it means it could be a real possibility Thanks Trek Core! Matt Littledyke I guess its better to wait until they have the next gen project out of the way first so they can spend more time getting it sorted as there was more complicated effects in DS9 than the other shows darxmac The TNG S06 BluRay has a #1 Best Seller in SciFi TV tag on right now, so i guess that good Matt Littledyke Yes I cant wait to see what the station looks like in Birthright Part 1 in HD Smithian I hope Eden FX (then Digital Muse) also still has its files from its DS9 and Voyager days. barnaby rudge Excellent explanation of film grain emulsion and equivalent resolution. For some reason I thought this was Robert Bonchune re-rendering the old CG files, but I guess theIRML has created these from scratch.


makes it too clean, so it tends to looks fake, once everything is all spiced up, I imagine the shot will look good. I knew they used detailed models! They took the Galaxy Class from GENERATIONS and recreated the Nebula from that. With the right advertisement DS9 could be huge today. Since the model in BSG didnt actually exist, they could beat it up over the run. Awesome& Xavier Amazing. I hope Im wrong. And our models are 14 years old.


If this is any indication of the type of quality inherent in the original scene files, then not only would it make a high-definition remastering of the show far more feasible economically- and practically-speaking, but by referring back to the original files, you have the opportunity to preserve the shows original artistic direction and match the look as closely as is humanly possible. Maybe they could use some information from that to help remake it. Prior to that, they used the same motion control visual effects as TNG. To imagine such a thing to actually be a reality. b) If youre rendering it in 1080i60, why not render it in 1080p60? Youd probably need to render that many frames anyway if you want the interlacing to have full effect. And if this is the only way to see DS9 HD then I,m all for it. It definitely needs work though. It sure as hell would be cheaper than to produce an entirely new series.

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